Welcome to the gospel fellowship church

Our faith community is made up of a group of followers of Jesus Christ, pursuing to love him more all the time. Because of the grace of God we have been exposed to, we are on a path to learning how to extend that grace to others around us... on an everyday basis... in our ever-changing landscape. We have learned much. We have much to learn. We invite you to join us. Come once. Come for a while, or feel free to make this your regular place of discovery and worship.

Our Present Sermon Series: Passing the Torch

The phrase, “passing the torch”, has come to mean passing on a responsibility or something of great value from one person to another. In terms of Christian spirituality, the torch is faith in Jesus Christ.  Every one of us received the torch of faith from someone else. This line stretches all the way back to God and the revelation of him given directly and through his prophets and Jesus.  All who are following Christ have been handed the torch of faith.  Many, though, who have been handed the torch have allowed the spiritual flame to flicker and go out.  Paul didn’t want that to happen when he passed on. He wanted the faith in Christ that had become his everything to continue to be strong in those who followed after him.  That’s a big part of why he wrote the books of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.  Timothy and Titus were both leaders in the church and while there are a lot of leaders in God's church, most Christians aren’t leaders.  So rather than focus just on leadership, this series is on the main themes of these three books that apply to everyone of us, leader or not.

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You are welcome to come as you are. We have people here who are considering faith, those who are new in their faith, and those who have followed Jesus for a long time. When you walk in, you will see that as a church, we value relationships.

We are located at 860, Main Street (Hwy 52E), Steinbach, MB, a half mile past the water tower. We are located on the south side.

service times

Worship Service                           Sunday @ 10:45 a.m.

Sunday School                             Sunday @ 9:30 a.m.