Welcome to the gospel fellowship church

Our faith community is made up of a group of followers of Jesus Christ, pursuing to love him more all the time. Because of the grace of God we have been exposed to, we are on a path to learning how to extend that grace to others around us... on an everyday basis... in our ever-changing landscape. And changing it is!  We are beginning services once again at our location at 860 Main Street!

This coming Sunday, August 16, we will be having our annual picnic at Mitchell Park (south of the parking lot at the Arena) in Mitchell, MB beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Bring your lawn chairs, outdoor games and your own picnic lunch including drinks.  Ice Cream bars and popsicles will be provided for dessert. Because of Covid we need to keep a record of who attends, please scroll down to register on Eventbrite.

See you there!

Our Current sermon series: 

Paul's Prison Epistles

  What would you do if you were stuck in a house for a long time?  Oh wait, that’s what some of you have been experiencing since March.  In Paul’s case, it wasn’t for a few months, but two year.  During that time he wrote 4 letters, often called his prison epistles; Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.  During this series we are going to focus on the major themes of each book.  We will cover Ephesians in June, Philippians in July, Colossians in August and Philemon on September 6.   What was it that he thought to be so important while he was waiting for trial?  What was it that so thoroughly changed Paul from a man who self-righteously threw others in prison to a person who will willing to himself go to prison in defense of the good news of Jesus?  What was it that transformed him so thoroughly?  Join us as we discover the answers to these questions.

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You are welcome to come as you are. We have people here who are considering faith, those who are new in their faith, and those who have followed Jesus for a long time. When you walk in, you will see that as a church, we value relationships.

We are located at 860, Main Street (Hwy 52E), Steinbach, MB, a half mile past the water tower. We are located on the south side.

GFC Giving Options

Here are a few electronic giving options:

Interac E-transfer or Pre-authorized Bank Withdrawal:  Please send an email to gfcgiving@gmail.com to set these up.

Credit Card Donations: Processed and receipted by CanadaHelps.  Please click the link below.