All services are on our Youtube channel

All Life Groups are meeting online

Monday - Sr. Youth Life / Perplex

Tuesday - Ladies Life Group (bi-weekly)

Wednesday - Prairie Quest; Junior LIFE (Gr 6-8)

Thursday - Freedom Session


  • Our Sunday services will continue to be at 10:00 a.m.  We encourage all adults who were part of the Sunday Morning LIFE Group to consider forming or joining a smaller LIFE group.  If you are interested in being part of one, please contact Pastor Darrell.
  • Prayer Time. Pastor Darrell is leading a ½ hour prayer time at 9:15 on Sunday morning through Zoom.  We will pray for GFC ministries, EMMC ministries and for the lost to be found in Canada.

  • We have purchased a membership to RightNow Media.  You can access this service through Apple TV, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, your PC or your iPhone & iPad.  Here’s the link:
  • If you are interested in becoming a member at GFC, please contact Pastor Darrell. 

GFC Life Groups 
Children:                          Kingdom Kids - gr. 1-5 (Meets for 10-week blocks)  .

Jr. Life:                             Gr. 6 – 8 (Meets Weekly, Wednesday) 

Youth LIfe:                       Gr. 9 - 12+ (Meets Weekly, Monday) 

Young Adults / Marrieds:     - Perplex (Meets Weekly, Monday)

                                               - Prairie Quest (Meets Weekly, Wednesday)

                                               - It’s a Wonderful Life (Meets Bi-Weekly, Sunday)

                                               - Guys Life Group (Meets Bi-Weekly)


                                  - Ladies Life Group (Meets Bi-Weekly, Tuesdays)

If you are interested in joining a Life Group or for more information on Life Groups, contact Pastor Darrell

Discipleship Process

Genuine Faith – Our desire is for every person of our church and as many as possible from outside our church to come to a full, complete faith in Jesus Christ.  We don’t just want Sunday Christians or cultural Christians.  We want genuine followers of Jesus, who will live their faith out. 

Real Community – The only kind of Christianity the Bible knows is in the context of community.  Remember, GFC is a faith community in a broken world.  Therefore, we want as many of our people as possible to be part of a faith community of some kind.  This can include Sunday School, Kingdom Kids, LIFE Groups, prayer breakfasts, etc.  We are striving for reality in our communities.  In other words, a community in which we can be real about who we are as broken people, a place where we can bare our souls and be lifted and built up rather than torn down.  A place where you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the other members of the community have your back and love you in spite of what you’re like.

Tangible Service – Nobody grows well as a Christian unless they are serving others.  The teacher usually learns more than the pupil, the caregiver usually receives more than the one cared for.  Jesus sent out the 72 disciples to begin putting into practice what he taught and modeled.  We want our people to be serving others both inside and outside the church.  We use the word tangible, which means ‘perceptible by touch’.  This service is perceptible by those serving and those being served.  It’s a service that is felt and that makes a difference. 

Clear Witness – We have said we’re about “sharing the hope of freedom in Christ”.  What’s the definition of sharing our hope?  Does it include feeding people? comforting them? or clothing them?  Well, let me put it this way; it’s never less than verbalizing the good news of Jesus to a non-believer.  Good deeds may lead to sharing the gospel, but sharing the hope of freedom in Christ means that we must ultimately tell them of the good news in a way that is clear and makes sense.

This process becomes the grid through which we evaluate our current ministries and plan for new ones.